Daily Record: May 30th, 2016


Clarence House

The Prince of Wales was received by The President of Romania this afternoon at Cotroceni Palace, Bucharest, Romania.

His Royal Highness afterwards called upon the Prime Minister of Romania at Victoria Palace, Bucharest.

The Prince of Wales called upon Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu of Romania at Elisabeta Palace, Bucharest.

Buckingham Palace

The Duke of York today departed from Luton Airport, London, for Estonia and was received upon arrival at Tallinn International Airport by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Estonia (His Excellency Mr. Christopher Holtby).

His Royal Highness this evening attended a Reception for entrepreneurs at Hotel Telegraaf, 9 Vene Street, Tallinn.

Mrs. Amanda Thirsk is in attendance.

Kensington Palace

The Duke of Gloucester this morning arrived at Heathrow Airport, London, from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China.

Lieutenant Colonel Alastair Todd was in attendance.

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